Montreal Luxury Retreats & Airbnb Hook Up The famous online home-sharing and peer to peer sharing economy organization Airbnb is been here for a long time. In fact, they come a long way and their journey had different kinds of ups and downs. It did go through rough patches in the past to reach to this place now where it is. Airbnb has definitely created a storm in the industry of hotel and lodging. Airbnb has made partnerships in the past to expand its business and apart from that, it did want to provide better service to the people. It has been a savior for many middle-class families who were able to make some to make ends meet. They were able to provide houses, apartments, mansions and different kinds of properties for the travelers to stay at affordable prices. With the ever growing economy, it is hard to find a location to stay at a reasonable price. It is true that the lodge and hotel rooms are expensive are a bit out of our budget. There are many listings on the site, where the charges are quite affordable and we can have more space. In a hotel room, it is obvious that we are confined to the four walls and it might not be as casperon vibrant as a house can be. Each and every property under the listings had its own beauty, ethnicity, and conventional surroundings. It is true that the travelers were able to feel at home when were not at home. When we are on a vacation, we enjoy throughout the day, at the end of the day we want a cozy place to spend out night peacefully. The houses are for sure the best places where we can have a peaceful stay and enjoy the stay. The online marketplace for hospitality has now cracked a deal with the famous rental service Luxury Retreats which has its base in Montreal. We can consider the fact that this deal which they have cracked is supposed to be the biggest of the deals they have cracked Tdotz so far. It has acquired the Montreal’s Luxury Retreats for around 300 million dollars. That is quite a significant number and there are around 4000 properties of Luxury Retreats in around 100 different locations around the world. The CEO of Luxury Retreats Joe Poulin found this wonderful rental in the year 1999 and he stated that he had the idea of creating a website for the high-end profile people to have a luxury stay, as he personally experienced one when he traveled to Barbados. It said that this idea of his in the initial stages was under scrutiny and cynicism by the financial investors. Each and every business goes through a rough patch at some stage and even this one did go through many downfalls. He got himself trained with the skills and started to sign up for the different property owners around the world. After almost more than a decade, here they are making the famous company Airbnb to acquire them. That is the kind of progress which the rental service has shown and the way it has expanded its business in a really tremendous way. It is said that the company chided away Accor SA and Expedia Inc to make sure that they still hold the major role in the business. The acquisition which has been made Airbnb for Montreal Luxury Retreats is by far the biggest of all the previous deals. Though the company has been acquired by Airbnb, Luxury Retreats will still continue to be a sole performer for its own business. The CEO stated that they are planning to retain around 250 employees in Montreal. Their attention has always been directed towards providing a great product to their customers. The only zeal which has kept them to provide greater and wonderful service to the customers is to give a product which will satisfy them. Airbnb appreciated the company stating that they are really good at their work and it has been tremendous as well. Luxury Retreats journey has been a wonderful one, as they would make sure that each property examined properly. It is essential that the retreats which are given away to the travelers are indeed luxurious ones. The Mayor of Montreal stated that this deal shows to the world that they are into the technology, creativity, and innovation for the future generations. There was another statement made, which stated that they were open for the sharing economy when it is performed in the proper and right way. It is also said that the Mayor visited both the CEO’s and stated that they will be successful in this endeavor and their business will go places. Montreal is a place for them to grow bigger and better; this is what the Mayor finally stated. The best part of this whole deal is that people will be able to rent out on Richard Branson’s island as well. There are around 9 houses in the 74 acres British Virgin Islands retreat and around 33 members can occupy the place. It would cost around 80, 000 dollars per night for the complete group including the food. The travelers will for have the most unforgettable experience of their lives. There are other retreat locations like St. Barthelemy in the Caribbean, Tuscan village of San Casciano and a few more. The charges per night are varied for each location and there are other luxury retreats with wonderful services to get pampered as well. The services which will be available through Airbnb, will also available through the Luxury Retreats, as it will be working as an individual as well. People need to sign up for both the services to avail the benefits, this luxury retreats in a great opportunity for the people to get away from their stressful lives and have a peaceful stay and time for themselves. It is sure that they are going to experience a completely different level of hospitality. This is definitely a retreat to each and every traveler around the world and who is able to afford this kind of luxury. It is important that the clients who are from high-end profiles should be targeted at the first. They will be considered as a priority to the business, as it is obvious that they would like to spend their vacation in a wonderful villa or mansion. It is true that they live their lives big size and expect things to be at their best. It is fact is that the company was able to acquire the organization, the ethnicity and conventional touch can be given by the real makers of the development in the properties around the world. The properties have to be well maintained and they are many mansions and villas around the world, where the travelers can have a real good time. Airbnb has been in the buying orgy, they recent bought a restaurant start up Rey. Apart from that there are discussions been made to crack a deal with Tilt. It is said that the following months of the year the company will continue to invest in different endeavors. The organization has so far raised around 3.1 billion dollars for its financial backing. We can say that this is just the beginning for a better future for Airbnb.